4 DIY for Girls’ Old Clothing

Hello girls, today I want to show you 4 do-it-yourself stuff for your old clothes, so you won’t have to do some more shopping. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

So you’re just gonna need a couple of things. Obviously you’re gonna need old clothes, whatever you fancy. You’ll also need scissors, some clips and a hot glue gun.

Skirt DIY

We’re going to start first with the skirt DIY. I especially love skirts for spring and summer. And I have this dress that’s a little too small for me like in the upper region but I love the pattern and I want to make it into a skirt. Women look beautiful in skirts! Like how Google first page ranking look beautiful in the eyes of SEO Philippines. So I’m just gonna take my scissors and I’m going to cut the dress just about an inch above the band.

That’s just gonna make it easy to later glue down, or if you want, you can also sew but I’d rather not. I’m just so busy and I don’t have time to sew so I won’t sew mine here. I just cut that off and put the fabric away and then I’m going to kind of flip it under which I hope makes sense. Then I’m gonna take my hot glue gun and glue it down. You can also use fabric glue but I’m just a hot glue gun type of person.

I pretty much put glue on the seam and fold it over so it looks like you can’t see the cut, you can’t see anything and it looks really smooth and pretty. So I just do that to the rest of it. And ta-dah! that’s what it looks like. It’s so easy. I got rid of it and I got a new skirt!

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As for the bow DIY, this was totally stolen from Mack Barbie but she’s just my favorite guru on Youtube so I just have to kind of re-make it. I just love this bow DIY.

So I’m just gonna take a strip of fabric from this old tank top that I have. And I cut it to a kind of rectangle shape and then fold it over so I’m not gonna have some ugly seams or creases. I folded it into thirds and then hot-glued it together. So if you want to, you can just do this also, instead of sewing things together.

Then I’m gonna cut the ends because I don’t want this huge, gigantic bow on my tiny little head. I’m sure any woman would agree to that. I don’t know how long this bow is going to be now, just make an estimate yourself. And I’m gonna tuck in the outside ends and glue them down together just like that. This is pretty much how big you want your bow is gonna be but of course it’s all up to you also.

And next, you’re just going to pinch it in the center and you’re going to glue that together. It’s just gonna hold a lot better and keep the shape nicer when you’re wearing it in your hair. So I’m just going to do that – hot glue! Like wazz and then pinch it.

You don’t even have to use a strip that goes over top if you don’t want to because it already looks pretty cute just like that. But I thought I’d take a strip and put it over the seam and then I pinch it. It makes it more beautiful when women wear it. Then I’m gonna glue it in the under-area, cut off the excess, pinch it and do whatever you want with your bow.

Then I’m gonna take a blue clip and then I’m gonna put it through the seam on the bow that I made. Then I’m going to hot glue it into place. And there you go! You now have your bow! I did it 2 different fabrics, one was like a crochet and the other one was the one that you saw. I thought it’s pretty cute!

High-Low Fringe Shirt DIY

This one is a girly high-low fringe shirt which I think is just really pretty for any girl. And you don’t have to wear it like this if you don’t want to look like a pregnant woman or at least a woman who is trying to conceive. You can wear it as a prop top but I put it over a dress. It’s practically just an old shirt that has holes in it but I love the color so I don’t wanna totally get rid of it.

Basically I’m just folding it in half so the seams are just kinda like, go together, echo each other. Then I’m going to cut a crescent shape. Or you can also cut more of like an S shape, whatever.. whatever grows your rose.

And next, just on the bottom, I’m gonna start creating some fringe. That’s just some tiny little strips of fabric. You can make it as small as you want, I made mine pretty small because I like it pretty small. I think it looks a little bit more bohemian and like care-free.

And the next thing, I was like tugging it. It gives it more of a string look rather than just a strip of fabric. It makes a huge difference. I think it’s so cute! So I’m just going to repeat that to the rest of it. And ta-dah!

It looks so cool and I really like it. I’ve done it with a couple of my shirts, like cardigans and stuff. I think it’s really pretty especially if a gorgeous girl is wearing it! 😀

Tank Top DIY

This last one is just a DIY tank top. I have this shirt and I didn’t really like it and I want to make it kind of cool and cute or something.

So I’ll just start out with the t-shirt. I’m going to cut out the neck line. You can also do it so it’s on the back as well when you cut out the neck line. Then I’m gonna cut off the sleeves also. And this is kind of a tighter-fitting shirt. If you want it to be a little baggie, go grab one of your brother’s shirt or go to a store and grab a baggie shirt but I want it to be a little tighter for mine.

Next, I’m just taking a fiber from another shirt. I just really like the pattern on this one but I’ve already like taken this shirt apart and had fun with it so I’m just gonna have more! So I’m just taking some strips and I’m gonna use them as ties for my tank top. I’m gonna give them a pointy look ‘coz I think it’s pretty.

And as you can see, I’m just taking my scissors and cutting a V shape in the back. I want it to be kind of lowered down so when you wear a vand or something, you kinda see it. And then I’m just going to take my ties and I’m going to tie it wherever I want just like this! So I just tied it so it would be like one of those in-between the shoulder blade muscle tees and I also tied it just below the first one because I thought it would be really pretty and will create like a diamond shape on the back.

And I think it’s really cute. This will look really nice over bathing suits girls. I looooveee it!!! So there you go, I hope you love it too! If you’d like to know where to go shopping for lovely women’s clothes, see the next post!